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756 Winslow Way East   Bainbridge Island, WA  98110

(206) 780 - 1626

February 2017 marks the ten year anniversary of the Vintage Wine Bar at Harbor Square Wine Shop.

Located on Winslow Way East just up from the Ferry terminal, The Wine Shop features over 1,000 wines from all around the world with particular emphasis on wines from the Northwest, France, and Italy. The selection is hand-picked to represent the best of every region and the best value for the dollar. Wines include selections for everyday, wines for that special occasion with expert food pairing advice, and wines for cellar collection. The shop also has one of the biggest collection of large format wines in Washington State. Magnum, Jeroboam or Double Magnum, Methuselah and other Persian kings;

is where large bottles get their names.

           The Wine Bar features daily tasting of Northwest wines and wines by the glass. A unique feature of the Wine Bar is a twelve tap nitrogen gas serving system that prevents wines from going bad. This system allows the Wine Bar to feature boutique wineries with higher quality than is usual for selections of wine by the glass.

The selections are changed monthly.

Jeff, an avid Star Wars fan known world-wide for his World Record Wait (four and a half months) in front of the Cinerama for the release of Star Wars Episode II in 2002, has added a collection of Star Wars memorabilia, comic books, and magic cards to make a unique and interesting atmosphere for the shop.